GO Fruit Snack Dried Fruit Q&A.

A preservative is what it says: to preserve from discolouring and therefore extending shelve life.

The colour will not be as bright, in some cases the product can be on the darker side.

You can expect an intense flavour burst/ aroma from the fruit as smell of the preservative is absent.

Sulphur dioxide is safe for use within limits in dried fruit. However, some people are sensitive to sulphur or sulphur intolerant. Sulphites it may course Asthma symptoms, rashes, low blood pressure, stomach pains and diarrhoea.

The construction of our packet limits oxygen and moisture migration and therefor extend shelve life. Always keep your dried fruit in a cold, dry place. You can ever freeze the product to prolong the shelve life

Our packaging does not have windows as this will exposure the product to light and reduces shelf life.

NO, we don’t as we belief in the wholesomeness of the fruit.

Normally between 3-7 working days for delivery. Outlying areas may take longer.